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WATCH the #RedefiningFinance Promo Video!

Be Inspired Business and Career Master Class Videos April 21, 2015 0 Comments

Its exactly 4 days to the Inspire Series #RedefiningFinance Event and we are all sorts of excited and nervous! We got even more excited when we watched our promo video shot and edited by the AMAZING J Franklyn!!!!!!! Check on the video below   The video shows our amazing speaker and panellists giving us a little taste of what we…

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Inspire Series Webisode 9- Judgmental Women

I am Woman Videos Women Talk November 6, 2014 2 Comments

This has to be one of my favorite webisodes of the Inspire Series. My guests, Sheila Ojei, Seun Awogbade and Lydia Sobogun weren’t only upfront about how judgmental they have been in the past but, I believe, we took a big step towards understanding the reasons behind ‘judgmental women’. As external as the activity of judgement and criticism is, my…

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Inspire Series Webisode 5: Understanding Mental Illness

Be Inspired Live Master Class July 30, 2014 0 Comments

There are many issues Nigerians prefer not to discuss. We have perfected the art of secrecy and keeping up with appearances. The problem with secrecy is it prevents healing. 10 years ago, my guest, Bassey Ikpi was diagnosed with Rapid Cycling Bipolar 2 disorder, which is a mental illness characterised by episodes of hypomania and depression. Bassey didn’t shrink into…

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The Inspire Series: Webisode 1- Growing Up different in Nigeria

Be Inspired Videos April 29, 2014 7 Comments

Identity. It’s a difficult thing. Some are lucky, they are able to shape, nurture and develop theirs, with limited interruptions from others. Not everyone is that fortunate. My first guest on the show, Ms Yvonne Edozien, is an albino. There’s no hiding it. Once you sees her, you immediately attach whatever connotation that title brings. it’s difficult enough growing up…

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