#Spirit: Joel Osteen- ‘Have a Spirit of Excellence’

#Spirit: Joel Osteen- ‘Have a Spirit of Excellence’

We all know God’s promises by heart. We know when to say amen to prayers for blessing, increase, healing and prosperity. But rarely do we talk about the part we need to play in receiving these promises. We have somehow managed to turn God into a money doubler, put 100Naira into the offering basket on Sunday and receive 1million by Monday morning. We barely put in the required time in the office or meet any deadlines and then begin accusing enemies when we don’t get promoted. Instead of putting in the required work we’ve turned God’s grace into magical hocus pocus that produces wealth from laziness, shoddy and mediocre work.

Joel Osteen offers a different perspective. He says “God doesn’t bless mediocrity, He blesses excellence!”. Proverbs 22:29[CEV] also says; ‘If you do your job well, you will work for a ruler and never be a slave’. An excellent spirit isn’t just about getting the work done. Its about going above and beyond the call of duty. It is being asked to walk a mile and walking 5 instead. It is about continuously sharpening your skills, striving to do well and putting your best foot forward, always. Being the best you can be in every situation. 

Excellence not only opens opportunities but also honours God. Makes Him proud and allows others to see Him through us. Today, think about what area(s) of your life you may not be putting in your best or that you may need to improve and ask God to give you a spirit of excellence.


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