The Inspire SeriesWomen and African women in particular face many peculiar struggles. Society in some way conforms us and decides who we ‘should’ be, where we are ‘supposed’ to work, when we should marry and have children. Generations after generation repeats this cycle of conformity, entrenching even deeper these tacit norms without questioning them. Ingrained in these tightly packed societal practices are women blazing the trail and doing extraordinary things. Like “Sheroes” these women are impacting their communities in small and big ways, without any need for accolades or recognition. The more I researched and discovered these women, the more I realized that they were like footprints. You never really hear them coming, or see them arrive, but somehow, through the work they do they live deeply etched marks for those who come after.

Intrigued, I wanted to know why these women had chosen to move from life’s well beaten track to roads less traveled. Why leave the comfortable and secure for the daunting and unknown? What makes them think the way they do? What keeps them going when the world shuts its door in their face?

It is my solid hope that as I explore the lives of these women, myself and all who watch will become inspired to leave behind the mundane definitions of what society dictates we should be, and become empowered to reach out and change first ourselves and our communities. Let us all leave behind a trail of foot prints for the girls, daughters, sisters, and women who come after us.

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