Relationships – 5 Ways to Know if You’re a Side Chick

Love Relationships October 7, 2016 0 Comments

   Fidelity and faithfulness seem to be old-fashioned values in our times. It’s becoming really common to hear of men who are not only having affairs, but sometimes maintaining separate families in different parts of town! Now don’t get me wrong, there are as many good men as there are cheats, and many women rightfully trust their partners. But just…

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New Vlog: Relationship Red Flags to Avoid

Love Relationships Videos Women Talk May 23, 2016 1 Comments

Whoever said love is blind probably was referring to how we miss with flashing neon do not enter signals that surround a potentially dead end relationship. But somehow, we fashion love out into a thick blind fold and proceed without counting the costs of our decisions. In this video, I highlight some of the potentially dangerous pitfalls we can miss…

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New Vlog: How to Stop Dating Crappy Men!

Love Relationships Videos Women Talk October 26, 2015 1 Comments

I really enjoy recording relationship vlogs! I have always said I feel like the heartbreak queen. My previous relationships have taught me so much about myself and the kind of person I would like to be. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realised that romantic relationships can be tough and more so when you haven’t defined the reason why you’ve chosen…

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Discovery 5: How to Recover from a Breakup

I am Woman Love Relationships Videos Women Talk July 20, 2015 2 Comments

Somehow I feel like the recovery queen. My poor heart has been broken a bit more times than I’d like to admit. But if there’s anything I have learnt its that relationships, the ones that last forever or for a short time, are great teachers. They teach us about ourselves and what we can or should expect from others. Today’s…

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