Networking For Career Success Stories: Abosede George-Ogan

Networking For Career Success Stories: Abosede George-Ogan

If you haven’t been following our #networkingforcareer success series on Instagram (click here to follow us on instagram)…all I can say is where have you been!!!! The session features established career women sharing their tired and tested tips on networking and even some of their career development hacks! It’s a must watch for the savvy ambitious female professional.

But because we love to share…we’ve decided to post some of the best tips shared. Today we are sharing the tops 21 networking lessons we learnt from Abosede George-Ogan, the Director, Strategy, Funding and Stakeholder Management – ‎Lagos State Employment Trust Fund.

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  1. How I got my job- I wanted to work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). So I started by organising Instagram live videos on SDGs. A friend saw an advertisement of my current role in the papers and told me about it.
  2. When it comes to my career, I am a mover by choice.
  3. Every career woman needs to sit and ask themselves, where do I see myself in X number of years, what are my Strengths and Weaknesses, what organisations will help me achieve my dreams
  4. You can have a BOTH a fulfilling and financially rewarding career
  5. There will be conflict when you come in contact with people who don’t share your values and beliefs but when you meet those who do, there will be unity
  6. I am a fluid networker- because I am conscious of my career, I find myself in circles with people who share my values, so it feels more natural
  7. The foundation of all careers is connections because you work with people
  8. If you are building a fulfilling career you will find that you are also building relationships that uplift you
  9. Dont leave building networks to chance, have a plan for your career so when you meet people you know what role those people can play in your career growth
  10. Networking should not be forced but it should be conscious and deliberate
  11. When it comes to networking and building relationships be courteous, be respectful but dont kiss assDon't build shallow relationships. You can be everywhere but actually no where. Focus on creating deeper relationships (1)
  12. Project yourself in a way that people can see the value you add
  13. I learnt the hard way the importance of nurturing relationships- i met a lot of VIPS in my previous job but because I didn’t nurture and build relationships with those contacts, I couldn’t leverage on them in my future roles.
  14. Women lack confidence and it’s because we don’t have a blue print for our careers. We haven’t sat down to evaluate where we are going and the value we have and can add
  15. We underestimate the value you can add to relationships- find what you have that is valuable to others
  16. Be conscious of adding value to people. Become resourceful and known for something.
  17. Your posture is super important- think about how you want to be perceived
  18. When you are conscious of your career, as you network you begin to meet people who will give you the opportunities you need
  19. When you feel intimidated, take on the posture of learning, dont be deluded
  20. Realise that no is not necessarily a bad thing. No might just mean I can’t help now. Believe and trust that when people they can’t help, they genuinely can’t.
  21. Building networks can be financially rewarding, i got my current role through a friend who had seen my role advertised. The next information you need for your next step is probably already within your network.

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