Networking For Career Success Stories: Adaku Ufere

Networking For Career Success Stories: Adaku Ufere

If you haven’t been following our #networkingforcareer success series on Instagram (click here to follow us on instagram)…all I can say is where have you been!!!! The session features established career women sharing their tired and tested tips on networking and even some of their career development hacks! It’s a must watch for the savvy ambitious female professional.

But because we love to share…we’ve decided to post some of the best tips shared. Today we are sharing the tops 18 networking lessons we learnt from Adaku Ufere-International Oil and Gas Lawyer.

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  1. I didn’t think I would get my previous job because of the language requirement. I had seen the role advertised on Linkedin but didn’t apply until a friend convinced me to on the last day
  2. Settling into a new country- I was very worried and cried throughout my flight but I remained open to new experiences. I did things I wasn’t accustomed to. I also found patience and tolerance were valuable people skills
  3. How I built new networks in a foreign country and new job-I built trust within my team. I am always willing to learn and I take responsibility even when we lose. I also never criticize my team in public, lunch with team members at least twice a month and I organise team activities golf, female events etc.
  4. When building relationships in a new environment, be open
  5. I am actually quite shy and I don’t like small talk and I am not the friendliest person. But I have learnt to interact with people. In a previous job, I didn’t act like part of the team. I was very insular and just sat at my desk till until it was time to go home. HR had to speak with me about it.
  6. Previously I never attended seminars and conferences- that was a mistake. So much work actually gets accomplished at conferences.
  7. Women shouldn’t just attend conferences they should make sure they are seen. Before a conference, request to be a speaker on a panel. When you speak on subjects in which you have expertise, people notice and want to talk to you
  8. Remember your work does not end in the office. Nigerians tend to stick to only Nigeria. West Africa is booming with opportunities, don’t be a local champion
  9. Women tend to go silent when they are in a group of men. I have been accused of being loud but as a woman I know I need to speak up-Don’t be afraid of being labelled aggressive
  10. Stop downplaying your achievements. Women need to learn how to toot their own hornsLife is too short to belived counting the years.Enjoy the ride and makeamazing memories.Have a great birthday!
  11. I put myself out there constantly. These days your qualifications aren’t enough. Employers want to know what you have done, where you have spoken, what groups you belong to, etc
  12. I once went to make a presentation at a conference in a non English speaking country. I was very nervous but I swallowed my fear and did it.
  13. To get my introduction right-I stood in front of the mirror and practiced my introduction until I got it down to less than 100 words.
  14. Perfect your elevator pitch, work on your aura and raise your register when you speak
  15. At conferences always be visible, listen but ask questions with sense. Don’t go somewhere listen and go away
  16. Don’t try to be a man. Be a woman. Be confident and give valuable contributions
  17. At conferences speakers meet so many people, so they are unlikely to remember you. Add them on Linkedin comment on the articles, ask them questions.
  18. Networking has many benefits, i.e. helps you get jobs, information, grows your confidence as well as friendships 


    Which tip did you find the most useful?

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