#RedefiningCareer: All the FUN Photos!

#RedefiningCareer: All the FUN Photos!

I cant believe its been almost 2 months since our last Inspired by Glory Event- #RedefiningCareer! For those who missed it, I wont lie…YOU MISSED! But not to worry, we are planning an equally amazing event early next year, so get ready.

#RedefiningCareer was amazing for me in so many respects. First of all, the out pouring of support from guests, media partners, speakers …,name it, was quite overwhelming. Secondly, it is always humbling to see your idea come alive and finally, I couldn’t have asked for better speakers. From Biola Alabi’s honesty about her career journey, Esther Essiet’s no holds barred workshop on the difference between a job and a career and the importance of adding value, to what I can only describe as the EPIC CAREER  panel discussion with Titilope Sonuga, Chioma Okolie and Toyin Odulate panel facilitated by Wana Wana it is safe to say the event in every way surpassed my wildest ambitions and I am immensely grateful to every one who turned up and supported even in the smallest of ways.

Pictures they say speak a thousand words……so here they come….

The Gang 🙂 

RC_006 copy

The awesomeness that is Biola Alabi
RC_018 copy

RC_053 copy

RC_054 copy


RC_075 copy

RC_116 copy


RC_118 copy

RC_119 copy


RC_121 copy
RC_123 copy


Madame Esther Did Her Thing!


RC_126 copy

RC_131 copy

RC_132 copy


RC_129 copy


Time to Hand over to Wana Wana for the Panel…She is like ‘Madame give me the mic’…LOL


RC_137 copy

RC_151 copy

RC_152 copy

RC_153 copy


RC_200 copy


RC_213 copy

RC_214 copy

RC_002 copy

RC_146 copy

RC_147 copy

RC_153 copy


Question and sharing time!

RC_072 copy

RC_074 copy

RC_077 copy

RC_078 copy

RC_088 copy

RC_097 copy

RC_098 copy

RC_099 copy

RC_102 copy

RC_103 copy

RC_179 copy

RC_187 copy

RC_192 copy

RC_190 copy

RC_196 copy


RC_027 copy

RC_025 copy


RC_017 copy


RC_030 copy

Attentive guests take notes!

RC_157 copy

RC_068 copy

RC_062 copy

RC_043 copy

The men made their mark!

RC_055 copy

RC_056 copy

RC_038 copy

RC_216 copy

RC_190 copy

RC_159 copy

RC_143 copy

RC_138 copy

RC_109 copy

RC_096 copy

The Inspired by Glory Community- Smiley Guests, Selfies and Much More

RC_012 copy

RC_039 copy

RC_052 copy


RC_064 copy

RC_086 copy

RC_135 copy

RC_140 copy

RC_141 copy



RC_110 copy


RC_134 copy


RC_160 copy

RC_163 copy

RC_166 copy

RC_171 copy

RC_172 copy

RC_173 copy

RC_169 copy

RC_174 copy

RC_178 copy

RC_180 copy

RC_181 copy

RC_182 copy

RC_208 copy

RC_224 copy


RC_228 copy

RC_227 copy

RC_226 copy
RC_233 copyRC_221 copy RC_219 copy

RC_217 copy

RC_207 copy

RC_178 copy

RC_113 copy

RC_104 copy

Night snaps!

RC_245 copy

RC_244 copy

RC_241 copy

RC_240 copy

RC_239 copy

RC_238 copy

RC_237 copy

RC_236 copy

RC_235 copy

RC_232 copy

RC_004 copy

RC_005 copy

 Thanks for watching 🙂 

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  • Ivy October 26, 2015 10:40 am

    Lovely photos! Is there by chance any event coming up in Abuja? Thanks.

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