NEW VIDEO- 11 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Networking

NEW VIDEO- 11 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Networking

One of the questions I get asked a lot about networking is how to handle the fear of actually starting to network.

I get it. We are afraid of rejection, being judged, seeming desperate or as we used to say in my secondary school …receiving “isho”.

So we stay in our corner, listen to speakers at the conference, talk to the people we already know…and go home. Having achieved nothing.

Meanwhile the person sitting beside you, the person who walked past you on the way to the break out session or the speaker you are listening to could know about the next big break you need in your career.

Please don’t let this be you!

Watch this video to learn 11 ways to deal with the fear of networking and share with me which of these tips you will start implementing. Don’t forget to share with a friend who needs this.

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