21 Ways to Network without Attending Events

21 Ways to Network without Attending Events

Networking events are excellent for connecting with a diverse range of professionals and for deepening relationships on a cross sectoral level, but that doesn’t have to be the only networking avenue for the savvy career professional.

Yesterday, as part of our Instagram Live Series, I shared 21 ways you can network without having to find your way through traffic and other competing priorities to attend an event. Here they are for your viewing and learning pleasure 🙂

How to network


  1. Be clear on your career goals, who can help you achieve them and where those people are/meet, this will help tailor your networking efforts both on and off line
  2. Find people in and around your sector on social media (LinkedIn, IG, Twitter) who have a different background from you
  3. Never eat alone- literally. Ask people to join you on things you do every day. Nail appointments, spa days, work lunches etc
  4. Deepen current relationships. Set a challenge to connect with 2-4 friends a week (outside the friends you speak to everyday)
  5. Going for drinks with 2 friends? Ask them each to bring someone to the meet up that would be good to connect with
  6. Start a mastermind or accountability group around a topic you are seeking personal growth- finance, leadership, weight loss
  7. Mums-network at school pickups and drop offs, PTA meetings etc.
  8. Ask friends who are extroverts or super connectors to connect you to people or groups they know
  9. Follow and connect online with bloggers or journalists who write about events and topics you are interested in. Follow and learn more about the people they meet at events and interview21 Ways to Network without Attending Events (1)
  10. Follow industry hashtags and connect online with those who tweet using them i.e. #Renewableenergy #powerafrica
  11. Join and contribute on LinkedIn Groups which focus on your area of interests
  12. Start a Twitter chat with professionals in your sector
  13. Premium LinkedIn Subscribers have access to the ‘Professionals like you’ tab use that to identify people in your sector or with similar background and get in touch with them
  14. Take note of people who attend events you would like to attend, follow their social media activities and connect with those they engage with at these events
  15. On LinkedIn, send Happy Work Anniversary and Congratulatory messages
  16. Comment on articles and comments on relevant industry articles online
  17. Follow and find ways to connect online with the contacts, who the people you follow, follow.
  18. Join What’s App Groups- book clubs, church groups, etc. But comment in these groups- don’t be a wall flower
  19. Join your school alumni network
  20. Add to your LinkedIn and Social media people who you meet at meetings
  21. Accept connection requests on LinkedIn from people who you don’t know but have a focus you are interested in.

Which of these tips will you start practicing? Tell us in the comments section

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