Skincare Essentials for the Woman in her Thirties

Skincare Essentials for the Woman in her Thirties

While you were in your 20s, you could get away with some skincare sins. Now, in your 30s, while for the most part you’ve come into your own, curve balls could hit you in the form of acne, wrinkles (don’t be shocked), skin pigmentation and a host of other skin issues.

Now, we know you’re juggling your career, family and relationships, so there’s already a lot on your plate. Still, you gotta do what the big girls do, and that starts with doing the right things so your skin can thank you!

So, if you’re one to use toilet soap on your face and to sleep with makeup on, you don’t need to rack your head on what to do for your skin. We’ve got it all figured out for you on this post. Read on to find out the skincare essentials you absolutely cannot do without:

  1. Learn the magic concealers can do and don’t skip your night cream: Whether it’s a crying baby that has kept you awake or a report for the office, there’s no need to start your day with dark circles under your eyes. Some concealers even work magic on wrinkles and fine lines. See why you should keep one handy?

Now, if you’re like me, you have always thought that night creams are just another way for beauty companies to make money off you! Now, I know better. Night cream is just as important as your daily moisturisers. They make your skin supple, reduce wrinkles and help with retaining the skin’s elasticity – a very important word if you’re in your 30s!


  1. Don’t joke with sunscreen. Seriously: We talk a lot about using sunscreen on IBG because the incidences of skin cancer among people of colour have risen to unprecedented levels. While the rays of the sun at sunrise are definitely healthy and supply much needed Vitamin D, with global warming, the sun rays that beat down on the earth later in the day are anything but healthy.

Protect yourself from the harmful UV rays with a generous layer of sunscreen. If you work an outdoor job as a trader, engineer or something else, you need this more than ever. Prolonged exposure to the sun has drastic effects on the skin, so protect your skin.

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  1. Exfoliate: Exfoliation is simply getting rid of the skin’s dead cells. There are so many benefits of exfoliation. One of the nicest is that it improves your skin’s texture. So, say yes to smooth skin! Exfoliation fights signs of aging, prevents break-outs, evens out your skin-tone and helps your skin-care products penetrate deeper levels of your skin for maximum impact.It’s preferable for you to do this at night, rather than in day time. Your body is in renewal mode while you sleep, so exfoliating before bed time will enhance your skin’s work.


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  1. Drink water: Hydration is really important to keep your skin looking healthy. Your body is made up 70% water so you can’t get away from this. Not only is water great for your system, but it’s also great for your skin. Picking a bottle of water over fizzy drinks is a good habit to imbibe. Get into the habit of taking a bottle of water along with you during the day. Immediate benefits of water to the skin include flushing out of unwanted toxins, getting rid of dark under-eye circles, improved mental performance and many more.


  1. Stay stress free: In the world we live in, with jobs, businesses and bills, staying stress free may be easier said than done but you may not be aware of what stress is doing your body and to your skin. If you are stressed, it’s mostly like to show up on your body or skin as under-eye bags, acne and break-outs, fine lines and gray hair.

Your health is important, so deciding to manage stress is something you should do consciously – from getting enough sleep to exercising. Pick up a hobby or something that allows you create a lot of down-time for yourself. Your body will thank you for it!


What’s your skincare tip for the 30s club? Share with us!

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