10 Powerful Quotes on Beauty you should Know

10 Powerful Quotes on Beauty you should Know

We live in the age of perfection. Perfectly sculpted bodies, contoured faces and filtered selfies. Everyone is putting their best foot forward and if we are being honest, keeping up with the Jones’s is getting harder and more unrealistic.

Here at camp IBG we have always promoted a different kind of beauty culture- one which permits imperfections, self esteem and authenticity to rest side by side. We see the beauty in diversity and emphasis that aesthetics are only a sub part of beauty.

But don’t take our word for it, here are 10 quotes on beauty that highlight and recognize the value, strength and expression of inner self as the true meaning of beauty

  1. The process of discovering your inner beauty is your responsibility and your decision



2. That decision will require a lot of self reflection and finding who you are




3. That process will also be difficult but well worth it



4. Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what people say or think about you



5. Beauty is intangible. It has more to do with character and how you make others feel than what you look like



6. Beauty has nothing to do with the number on the scale


7. Beauty is more than a ‘face beat’


8. Real beauty is always skin deep


9. Your mind makes you beautiful


10. Beauty has nothing to do with perfection



Morale of the story…..


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