Relationships – 5 Ways to Know if You’re a Side Chick

Relationships – 5 Ways to Know if You’re a Side Chick


 Fidelity and faithfulness seem to be old-fashioned values in our times. It’s becoming really common to hear of men who are not only having affairs, but sometimes maintaining separate families in different parts of town!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are as many good men as there are cheats, and many women rightfully trust their partners. But just in case, you’d still like to perform ‘required’ due diligence or  keep your eyes open, here are 5 ways to know if your man is dealing with you or in multiples of two……



1. He never gives you full information when he’s travelling: So, your boo is travelling but somehow you don’t know what his flight times are or what hotel he’s going to be staying at. Or maybe his destination seems to be changing faster then the British weather. first he told you he was going to the UK for five days, then it was to china for two…now he is only going to Abuja…hmmm…we smell a rat and its a big one. Ok, there is also the chance he is the forgetful type, or maybe just disorganised, but as they say there is no smoke without fire, just make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby.

2. He never officially ‘claims’ you especially on social media: If he puts you up as his display picture, he usually calls you ‘dear’ or some other generic name as he would his other female friends. He never calls you something that would unmistakably declare you as the sole woman of his life. Okay, so maybe you aren’t too bothered by this. It might however be a good idea to see who does have coveted status on his social media. If it isn’t you…well…..

3. He does not introduce you as his girlfriend: When you run into his friends, he introduces you by name or even worse, as his friend. He would most likely not invite you to family gatherings, and if he does, you are likely to be placed on the same table as the distant cousins or his homeboys…..if you offer to say hello to his mum…he tells you she is busy or with important family friends’.


4. He goes MIA on you frequently: For some reason, he goes off on you. During these periods, you are unable to reach him and you can’t account for his whereabouts. When he does come back online, he has a plethora of explanations – ranging from poor network signal to forgetting his phone at a friend’s place…or worse has no explanation at all and expects things to go back to normal.

5. He prefers to stay indoors with you: Okay, so who doesn’t love some alone time with her man, devoid of any distractions or interruptions. Long weekends just chilling with Netflix and lots of food. But errrrrr….every weekend? Like seriously? Not even a trip to Shoprite…hmmmm.

In some cases when he does take you out, its in the cover of night to some obscure location where no one in your circle is ever likely to find you.

Did any of these ring a bell? A loud one?…..Have you caught a cheating guy with any of these pointers? Give us the gist….Leave a comment!

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