#InspireMonday’s: ‘Step into the Realm of Possibilities’- Wana Udobang

#InspireMonday’s: ‘Step into the Realm of Possibilities’- Wana Udobang

Have you ever felt like life circumstances were keeping you from reaching your full potential? Or felt completely depressed because everyone around you seems to be doing better, geting promoted and being seen at the right place?

We spotted this post on our co-inspirator Wana Udobang’s Instagram page. Her post recaps her story of solely financing her university degree, saving  and taking loans to supplement r university fees and living expenses and having to work all hours while studying for her degree. At the end, Wana graduated with a 1st class degree in Journalism.

 Here was what Wana had to say….

wana cert


I remember feeling quite depressed before I got into university, as most of my friends were about graduating. I had to defer my admission for a year to get another job because all I had saved up from my waitressing gig couldn’t cover my tuition, not to talk of rent. I managed to save up enough for my first year tuition and took a student loan to cover the rent. I then did all the overtime available at Waitrose Supermarket when I got into uni plus my normal hours. I remember my manager complaining that I couldn’t take all the overtime.

I didn’t go to church for four years because Sunday wages was a time and a half (an hours pay plus half an additional hours). Today I look back and I realise impossible is just a word. My advice to everyone is make no excuses and get on with it. You maynot be able to help where you have come from but you can do something about where you are going. Step into the realm of possibilities and make it happen. Have a productive week and stay grinding.  

Wana’s story reminds us that success seldom comes without sacrifice but most importantly, no matter where you are coming from, no matter how broke, depressed and beaten down you may feel, you still have the potential for greatness tucked deep inside of you. All you have to do is step into the realm of possibilities…through determination, hard work and diligence.

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