#InspireMondays: Is it too Late to Chase your Dreams?

#InspireMondays: Is it too Late to Chase your Dreams?

Do you ever feel a sense of disatisfaction any time your birthday draws close or at the end of another year?

I think a lot of us do.

It’s not unusual to feel like you ought to have achieved more with your life. Sometimes, those feelings stem from feelings of unfulfilled dreams within us calling out for expression.

We all have dreams and desires –things that we want to do, achieve or become. For some people, they’ve had these dreams since they were little. Dreams of being a surgeon or singer, or of changing the world in some way.  And you realise that before you know it, you’re on the path society expects – go to school, graduate, get a job, join the rat race, get married, have kids and retire! Time and time again, you remember your dreams wistfully; especially when you turn on the TV or read the newspapers and see someone doing what you had always dreamed of doing.

You may consider just continuing on the path you’re on, thinking that it’s too late for you to make a switch – you might be in the middle of an undergraduate programme, or already set on a career path but it’s never too late for you to go after your dreams. There’s always something you can do on a small scale – start a blog/vlog, volunteer, pursue speaking engagements, write a book, etc.

This post is a push for you – Get up and pursue those dreams!

The video below is about an 80 year old grandpa who still got a chance to live out his dreams, on the catwalk! If it wasn’t too late for him, it’s definitely not too late for you!

Watch Below:

There are multiple lessons to glean from this video

1. Following your dreams will require persistence but most of all preparation– Dushan Wag shares how it took him 60 years of preparation to fulfil his dreams. Dream chasing is never easy, while you persevere keep preparing yourself for that big moment in time because you never know when it will come

2. You are never too old. Never– Dushan stepped into his first gym at the age of 50! Isnt that retirement age for many of us? His most telling quote is ‘when you think its too late, be careful you dont let that become your excuse for giving up’. I repeat, It is never too late to live your dream. Never.

3. Dream chasing will require innovation and self starting– Many times we have dreams but we expect others to come and give us the opportunity to express those dreams. Rarely does this happen. dream chasers are creators and inventors. They make their own opportuities and are constantly looking for passionate forms of expression. Find yours!

4. Everyone has potential, but few explore it– The only way to develop potential is to explore everything that excites your spirit. The reason you are passionate about something is because in you lies the potential to make something out of nothing. Explore every talent, idea and unique selling point you have.

5. Get out of your own way– Many people will tell you the only one stopping your success is you. Not your step cousin in the village or the boss who doesn’t like you. Where there is a will there is a way. Find your will and you will find your way no matter the obstacle.


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