‘I am not Afraid to Fail’- Idris Elba

‘I am not Afraid to Fail’- Idris Elba

Hello Ladies! This one is for you! This was a difficult post to write, I mean who can concentrate on anything beyond the way Idris Elba moves his lips and arcs his eye brows. The man is smoking hot and it really was VERY hard stopping ourselves from caressing the screen as we watched the video.

But in between the pure thrill of masculine energy smacking us in the face, we found depth and inspiration as Idris tells us what makes him Thrive in this video created by Purdey’s as part of their #Thriveon campaign. Here Idris shares with us the things that make him thrive and NO it has nothing to do with his amazing body.


We suggest you watch this video, even if it only to hear Idris voice but more so for the amazing advice on life and living. Here’s a summary on some of the video’s talking points

1. If you want to thrive…work hard– Forget the Hollywood life of sleeping in all day and then going for a walk on the beach. Idris works 22 hour days! Wait…doesn’t that mean he only sleeps for two hours? YIKES!

2. If you want to thrive…dont be afraid to fail. Idris shares with us that he isn’t afraid to fall over or make a mistake. He says, fear paralyses us and prevents us from achieving goals

3. If you want to thrive…size up your opportunity: CEO’s are able to make split second decisions. Why? Because they have spent years honing this skill, learning how to spot a good opportunity and quantify risks. Idris says this is something he does and we too can learn and develop this skill.

4. If you want to thrive….keep your head down: this is by far our favorite advice. Instead of incrementally checking how far you’ve come or how much further you need to go, focus on your technique, your inward rhythm. just keep working. the difference between 100 meters and 500 is a point of view.

5. If you want to thrive…strive for health and happiness– Yup…he didn’t say strive for money, fame, fortune…he said health and happiness.

6. If you want to thrive….understand your terrain– Spend time learning, know what your target is and be as clued up as the next man.

and finally…

7. If you want to thrive….work hard and sleep less!

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