How to Make Impact where you are, with what you have

How to Make Impact where you are, with what you have

Here’s the thing: you can make an impact wherever you are, with whatever you have. Making impact doesn’t have to be expensive or big. Don’t feel you need to have x amount of cash in the bank or be popular to make an impact or provide value. You can make an impact in simple ways and with simple things.

 Here are are a few tips to help:

  1. Be mindful of other people’s needs: think about it, what does this person or my community need? Take out time to look around you and be conscious, and ask yourself this question at the end of the day, ”who have I helped today?’ It will make you more conscious of others and less self-absorbed. Also, note it doesn’t always have to be financial.

How to Make an impact where you Impact where you are, with what you have

2. How can you help? It is one thing to observe and find out things about people and your environment; it is another to think about how you can help. For instance, if you notice that someone you know needs an understanding of a particular software or program, and you know how to go about it; you can teach them. Also even when you can’t help, you can recommend or introduce them to someone who can.

How to Make an impact where you Impact where you are, with what you have

3. Volunteer:  volunteering for a good cause is a great way to make an impact and improve your skills at the same time. There are many NGO’s searching for volunteers. Do you know a good cause that you would like to volunteer your skills or time for? You can research online and think about volunteering with them.

4. Go the extra mile:  go the extra mile when doing things for others. It could be in our work, in schools, or in the community. By going the extra mile, you add more value and you give more to people and ensure you give every task your best

5. Donate: can you donate resources like money, materials, clothes, etc. to those who need them? What are those things that you don’t need that others can really make good use of? Take out time to think about these things. You can also buy those things if you don’t have them already.

6. Stand for something good: if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. What values do you have? Which organisations support those values? How can you draw attention to those values and the projects associated with them? On social media, for example, you could repost or retweet something from a social project to help raise awareness; remember the goal is to do little things every day that create value and really help others. And the first place to start is to be more conscious of the needs of others.

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