How Far Would You Go To Keep Your Man? By Glory Edozien

How Far Would You Go To Keep Your Man? By Glory Edozien

man in chainsMen are hard to find, a good man…even harder. At least that’s what we women have been made to believe . As soon as you find that man who ticks most or all of your boxes, you got to keep that dude on lock down or risk him being snatched from under your finely manicured finger nails. Plus we women pour out a lot into our significant others, we build them up, we make sure we create enough stability at home and we try our hardest to help him dust off those bad habits. Eventually, we turn him into the man of our dreams, or at least we try to. So you can imagine that the thought of another women walking away with our trophy man, after we’ve spent years painstakingly building him up, is a bit too much for most women to bear.

Perhaps, this is what US First Lady, Michelle Obama was thinking, when in April of 2012, it was alleged by the National Enquirer that Mrs Obama  banned both actresses Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington from the White House because they were ‘too flirty’ with the President. The tabloid also suggested that the First Lady has a ‘watch list’ of women that were to be kept away from the then 50-year-old tall, dark and handsome President. Naturally, the White House has dismissed these claims as ‘completely false’ (and events have also suggested that these claims may have been far from the truth) but can you blame her if it was true? Who would want to go down in the history books as being the first African American 1st Lady to have a Monica Lewinsky episode…or to have her husband stolen from her right there in the White House….err no thank you!

Mrs Obama and the validity of these rumors, aside, I’ve heard of many women who have gone to great lengths to keep women away from their husbands. Different strategies, from threatening suspected women to even having them beat up. I remember a while ago a friend of mine got slapped at a party by her colleague’s wife. The wife, who was 5months pregnant, at the time, had seen a picture of my friend hugging her husband and feared the worst. Her plan had been to threaten my friend with some harsh words but things turned ugly when my friend tried to walk away, Madame pulled her back by her hair and gave her a good smack across the face. Off course, it was left to me and a few other friends to tear both women apart, as the man in contention had suddenly disappeared.

Although I can’t completely vouch for my friend, I do wonder if the wife’s slapping actions were entirely appropriate. Many have argued that if a man wants to stay with you, he will. If he doesn’t, it doesn’t matter how many women you slap, threaten or beat up, he’ll still get up one day and not come back. Plus, if any woman feels the need to ban, beat or provide any kind of embargo within her relationship, perhaps there might be other issues she needs to deal with first? Or am I approaching this from the wrong angle? Do men need protecting? Do we as their girlfriends/wives have the responsibility to protect them from other women? If that’s the case, how far will you go to keep your man?

Let’s share!

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  • A May 22, 2014 10:27 am

    I don’t subscribe to the idea that a man is a chattel… therefore… he can not be STOLEN.

    A man is an individual; a man capable of reason and articulate thoughts. If he’s stepping out on you, it is because he’s making the choice to do so. It is not because he was stolen. A man is not a pendant, or an iPhone.

    And ladies, we need to cool it with the ‘B**ch stole my man routine*, it’s getting tired. In fact, it is tired. Your man walked. Your grouse should be with HIM and not with her. Why are you going to slap the other woman? Will that bring your man crawling back? It has only proven you’re a gutter babe capable of physical violence.

    Peace out!

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