Discovery 3: How to Believe in Yourself

Discovery 3: How to Believe in Yourself

I find that many people are in transition. Where we are isn’t necessarily where we want to be. We spend our quiet times thinking about possibilities but our day to day lives don’t match the ambitions we hold in our hearts. I’ve been there. Constantly wondering when I’ll finally be living in the reality of my dreams. Until one day I decided, to stop wishing and start doing. Believing in yourself enough to follow your dreams doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a constant daily activity, of feeling afraid and doing it anyway, constantly questioning yourself and doing all you can to silence the ever present voice of self doubt.

So here are my quick tips for believing in yourself and following your dreams….please feel free to share this with others and off course share your own experiences. Also feel free to email me on

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  • Ngozi September 10, 2015 4:01 pm

    Glory, ur vlog are so inspiring. I learn every week from it

  • Nicole September 24, 2015 1:53 pm

    The vlog that you did on the depression topic is where I am now. That was a perspective changer for me. To understand that someone too has gone through it. You are very blessed and keep this up. Even if it is only 2 people that watch, you don’t which influential person either of those 2 people will turn out to be. Nikey it!

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