Attend the Ultimate Self Love Work with Glory Edozien this Saturday!

Attend the Ultimate Self Love Work with Glory Edozien this Saturday!

From when I was young, I struggled with my body. In my mind, i was always the fattest one, the ugly friend, the one who didn’t have as much as others, the one who always seemed to need everyone’s help. Then one day the unthinkable happened. I woke up and my skin was covered in thick scaly rashes. The one thing that seemed to give me confidence ‘my yellowness and nice skin’ disappeared. From then on it was like my life was in free fall. My academics began to suffer, the person I thought I would spend the rest of my life with , married someone else and my account was empty. I decided to end it all. Thank God, I didn’t. Because today, even while I still battle severe psoriasis, and many other issues, just like everyone else, even though my deepest desires are yet to be fulfilled, i see beyond the surface. Despite all these challenges I discovered who I was and who God made me to be. I understand that than what I look like or my past circumstances. I looked within and found the real me- my strengths, my values, my skills- and today I want every woman to find that power to be herself. To see that hidden in her are the treasures of the world and you no longer have to feel unworthy, battle with self esteem issues or feel like you cannot measure up.

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So, please join me on Saturday for the Ultimate Self Love Workshop where I will teach the following

  1. Foundational principles everyone must know
  2. How to find your authentic self
  3. Practicing authenticity every day
  4. 20 Self confidence habits for the modern day woman
  5. How to create boundaries
  6. 15 daily affirmations every women must say

And much much more. I only want 10 people to attend this course because I want a small intimate group so we can really share and learn. The course will take place on the 8th of July at 10am-3PM in VI and will cost 10K. I really hope to see YOU there.

If you would like to be part of the 10 please complete the registration form here and then pay here


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